167 huge breast sex doll customer show

167 huge breast sex doll review

167cm huge breast sex doll review

167 huge breast sex doll review

Mcupplease, TDF Doll Advisor

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My ratings for various categories on SY 167 2600 cc Doll

1. Packaging: 10/10 -arrived in perfect condition. Strangely it was packed facedown in the box-haven’t seen that before.

2. Skeleton range: 8/10 – Perfect tension to move quite agreeably during fun and games. The neck a bit too loose and falls back under the weight of the head. The ankles 0.5/10 – I haven’t found a way to get them moving yet [Manufacturer tells me they have never seen this unusual problem before]. No shrugging shoulders and I don’t think there is lateral head movement.

3. TPE material: 10/10 – Smooth and glossy wonderful to touch. Durable so far. Breasts appear to be solid and are too firm for my liking.

4. Make up: 10/10 – I’m surprised how attractive this face is. From the pictures I wasn’t expecting such an alluring face.

5. Body Design:

  1. 9/10 Height is actually 161 cm standing flat-footed.
  2. Breast design 9.5/10 – Nice and wide. Beautiful shape, nipples the diameter of a dime. Base attachment could be a little bit wider yet more.
  3. The limbs are 9/10 not too skinny so seem more lifelike.
  4. Torso 5/10 – seems to be short waisted like on so many other models. I would prefer noticeably more length in the mid drift. When engaged, the breasts arrive against my upper abdomen only.
  5. Bum 4/10 a little too bulbous for my personal liking because I generally go for tight and tiny.

6. Head design: 9.5/10 – Really beautiful except the jawline is a little too chiseled.

7. Finger details: 8/10 [The toes do not have wires].

8. Vagina details: 10/10 Easy and effortless

9. Standing: Not apply- rigid ankle issue seems to be interfering so far. Bonnie is working with me to get this straightened out.

10. Weight control: 8/10 – I’m willing to take a moderate weight to get a tall height. Hollow breasts and smaller tighter bum Could further reduce the weight.

11. Smell: 9.5/10 – currently at 2 weeks it seems to have off-gassed and is almost unnoticeable now

12. Service from manufacturer: 10/10 very helpful everything went perfectly smoothly and I’m very satisfied with the package.


Mcupplease photo for SY 167 huge breast sex doll

167cm huge breast series photo:  Mcupplease review 167 huge breast head 98 doll 

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