About SY premium TPE sex doll manufacturer

Established in 2015, SY Doll has been focusing on TPE sex doll. Our professional and aspiring team has designed a series of height & face TPE doll.

We are committed to providing advanced TPE doll and total customization solutions for our customers. As the most qualified Chinese partner in TPE doll, SY Doll continues to serve many world customers. Assisting by educating our clients and avoiding potential troubles through our experience we can help in many ways.

We can get reached via email, telephone. We are bilingual, easily accessible and readily available. Always glad to help you in your endeavors. Watching our doll videos

The development history

Dec 2018

SY No powdering sex doll

no powdering sex doll

June 2018

SY 163 world biggest ass sex doll

biggest ass sex doll

Jan 2018

SY Doll AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

sy doll 2018 AVN booth

0ct 2017

SY launched tallest 176cm sex doll, palm details is amazing.

World First SY 176cm tpe sex doll (1)

Aug 2017

After near 2 years working experience, sy doll has improved doll craft, make up details and so on.

July 2017

In July, SY doll has a 2 newest sex doll face, It’s Pei Anna andHathaway

Aug 2016

SY Doll in CHINA Guangzhou Adult-Care EXPO Aug 2016

Sep 2015

SY 1st TPE Doll mould was born. It’s not perfect, but we are still changing and improving

Aug 2015

SY Doll Established in Aug 2015, Pics

are our factory, doll mould room.

About sy premium TPE sex doll manufacturer