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No powdering sex doll

No powdering sex doll

No powdering sex doll

About TPE sex doll care

How to powder sex doll is a necessary process. Checking how to powder sex doll in google,

there are more than 9 million results.

There are YouTube video tutorials, blog, doll forum discussion like


From that, we can summarize sex doll powdering care is a headache problem.

Now If SY tell you that no powdering sex doll is now available!

What’s your first impression? Shut up and take my money

About no powdering sex doll

Let’s take a look SY new no powdering sex doll VS common sex doll.

From video content, we can know

1. One common TPE doll, one new material TPE doll. 2 dolls skin surface is slippy, no sticky. Paper covered two dolls, the paper fell.

no powdering sex doll
no powdering sex doll

2. Washing two doll and making it dry, without powdering common tpe doll is sticky, the paper didn’t fall, new tpe doll is no sticky, the paper fell.

no powdering sex doll

3. Powdering common tpe doll and making it dry, the paper fell

no powdering sex doll
  no powdering sex doll


When you wash your new material tpe doll and make it dry, the doll skin surface is slippy, no need to powder again!

You can save much precious time and play with your SY doll

No powdering sex doll VS common sex doll (password: 512142)

SY no powdering sex doll customer review

Wow. I liked the first one so much, I just finished ordering my second doll from SY.

With plenty of time to get her for Christmas morning. Love that new TPE! Very soft and very supple right out of the box.

Can’t get over how smooth that she is with no pre-powdering. I also believe this TPE should last longer than older formulas as well.

I am definitely sold on this new TPE. Very, very impressed. So much so, I’m going to buy a third SY Doll after the beginning of next year.
I ordered a tan 165cm with #126 head for Xmas.
Thinking the 158 after that… 😀
Here is a shot of Bianca, my current 168 SY.

no powdering sex doll

In common, sex doll retailer will sell TPE sample at $35

TPE sample price

At SY Doll, you just need to share this post to any social media.

You can get a piece of free SY New material sample

SY new material tpe sample

About freight, we would like to provide 2 ways

TPE material is 0.5kg with a package, it will about 1KG


EUB $14   8-15 work days
DHL $22  3-5 work days


EUB $12   8-15 work days
DHL $21  3-5 work days

When you shared this post, please contact your sample will be shipped in 1-2 work days.

Saving $2,000 before you buy a sex doll today! 99% SY doll TPE sample customer say YES, it helps me save $2,000 at least!

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