160cm sex doll

SY 160cm sex doll with sexy head 100

Thank you to Sydolls for the fantastic dolls, everything I’ve found is top-notch, from the shrugging shoulders to the body detail, and the ability to get into poses. The dolls represent a lot of real woman features and body types. No noisy neck issues, fingers feel good and easily able to be posed, skeletons are nice and tight, weight is good and manageable. The heads are beautifully detailed, even the eyes look great, and the faces are very pretty. The breast on both dolls is solid which surprisingly have a great feel to them. Waist and hip curves are not overly exaggerated, they look just right. Really review from TDF photographer T

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160 small breast sex doll body data

bust girth
waist girth
hip girth
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160cm sex doll

Apparently after voting, I find I’m not alone in my choice as it is part of the overall favorite! I won’t tell who I voted for so I don’t persuade anyone to vote for any certain choice.

I DO want to say that the photo I attached to this post is just one if those photos for me at least, shows some great “realism” in the body. Those “back dimples”, that spot right where the pelvis bone and the spine meet, there are 2 “dimples ” on her back are another one of those things that just drive me CRAZY when I see them, like a cropped belly shirt and a toned belly or stiletto heels on legs that were MADE for stilettos, that back dimple just tells me that body was well thought out. From MIguy1740

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