small breast sex doll

SY 160 small breast sex doll sexy smile head

I’m a charming noble 160 small breast sex doll, my skeletons are great, complete with shrugging shoulders and feet bolts. My hips angle nicely and shoulders can sway in the opposite direction exactly the way a real girl would pose.

Each pose was easy to maneuver as the joints were not overly tight. It can be a real struggle to pose a tight doll but not the case with SY. Loose enough to move and tight enough to stand assisted.

I never stand dolls unassisted as it always seems just a small breeze would knock them over.
Their feet did feel tight enough to stand unassisted but I don’t go there as the dolls that come here are brand new and I like to keep it that way for the new owners.

The TPE material is soft and squishy. It has a nice feel. It is as soft as most dolls that come here.

Would u want to take me home now? Come on!

160 small breast sex doll body data

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