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Stacy simple experience for 160 small chest sex doll

Well, after being here a week and messing around with the camera…
I’ve decided this doll is great for modeling.
She poses so naturally and her hands are miles above some other TPE dolls I’ve seen (and own).

But I’m not doing a review, because I can’t sex her up… I’m a woman!

I will say this, she has very human proportions.
While her boobs are not for everyone and smaller than mine, she fits into my clothing perfectly!!!!!!!!
I’m really enjoying the arms and legs, as they are normal and not skinny and noodle-like.
Unfortunately, this adds to her weight, making her tough for me to move.

Somehow I manage!

I had a thread to introduce her, but the title wasn’t all encompassing,
so this will be her dedicated thread!
When she arrived I photographed her out of the box with a blonde wig,
which complimented her glamorous factory make up.

160 small chest sex doll review from SY doll photographers


Hello TDF’ers!

I’d like to do a bit of a first experience review of the SYDolls that I received for their photograph website series.

After talking with the crew at SY about photos, They sent me the new 160cm and 168cm bodies with 4 heads.
#125, #126, #100 and the smiley face. I don’t know the # yet of the Smiley face.


The packing job was superb. They both came in a soft fabric bag.

(important) Plastic bags can leave wrinkle marks on the ass and other spots where the doll may lay inside the box.

Then there are all these hard foam supports that are strategically placed to hold the doll in position for her long journey.

After they have the doll in the correct position they fill all gaps of space with large plastic bubbles.


The two heads went between the legs and were wrapped and supported beautifully.

The entire box was lined with 1/2″ foam and all the dolls extremities were wrapped including extra on the feet.

The feet had nice custom cut foam boots to support and protect the feet.

I might add while the doll was being shipped, the team was on top of communications all the way.

They really have quite a nice way about their communications.

Once opened and unwrapped I found both dolls perfect. All 4 heads were beautiful too.

Only one miner problem with a bit of eye lash glue on the eyes of head #125. Easily fixed!

My first impression of the look was impressed! I love the look of both dolls and heads.

I really love the boobs on the 160cm. Im a small boob guy but SY has it all for the variety seekers!

Staging, makeup, and hair posing began immediately after opening. I always add my own touch to the make up that already looked great.

Artist at SY do a great job with the makeup and eyebrows.

I started with standing poses 1st. Their skeletons are great, complete with shrugging shoulders and feet bolts.

The hips angle nicely and the shoulders can sway in the opposite direction exactly the way a real girl would pose.

Each pose was easy to maneuver as the joints were not overly tight. It can be a real struggle to pose a tight doll but not the case with SY.

Loose enough to move and tight enough to stand assisted.


I never stand dolls unassisted as it always seems just a small breeze would knock them over.
Their feet did feel tight enough to stand unassisted but I don’t go there as the dolls that come here are brand new and

I like to keep it that way for the new owners.

The TPE material is soft and squishy. It has a nice feel. It is as soft as most dolls that come here.

As I progressed thru my photo sequences, I was able to complete the task of poses without a hitch!

Everything works smoothly on these beauties and I would highly recommend to anyone buying a doll.

Our business together went really smoothly as this team of individuals at SY have great communication skills and mean what they say.

160 small chest sex doll review from TDF photographer T

Thank you to Sydolls for the fantastic dolls,everything I’ve found is top-notch, from the shrugging shoulders to the body detail, and the ability to get into poses.

The dolls represent a lot of real woman features and body types.

No noisy neck issues, fingers feel good and easily able to be posed, skeletons are nice and tight, weight is good and manageable.

The heads are beautifully detailed, even the eyes look great, and the faces are very pretty.

The breast on both dolls is solid which surprisingly have a great feel to them.

Waist and hip curves are not overly exaggerated, they look just right.

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