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SY dolls are made of imported TPE and feel to the touch of the human body. Breakage and cracks may be produced if not used properly or not transported carefully due to the characteristics of the TPE products.

SY Dolls provide free repair for the dolls our company sold within 3 months. it is hard to avoid slight scars during the repair.

At the same time, all the customers who bought SY dolls can enjoy free makeup within a year calculated from the date of sale and they only need pay the freight.

Points for attention

SY imported TPE dolls can bend freely and maintain a variety of gestures, but our original intention is not to use ball joints like cheaper dolls.

We do recommend changing its postures occasionally for display function. Due to the characteristics of the product, we cannot accept replacement or return if that there are initial quality problems.

shipping problem

We try to make every doll perfect, we hope every doll owner satisfied with SY dolls. but some time unpredictable issue happens during shipping.

First of all, we put insurance for every shipping. if there is any damaged during shipping, please don’t worry, we will do our utmost to help, depends on the degree of damage, usually we will provide repair solutions or replacement doll.

If the box was damaged when receive it, please check and take pictures or videos. if the doll damaged badly, please directly refuse to signature, and send us email with all the info.

We will send all the proof details to our forwarder company, also customers need send proof to local shipping company at same time, the shipping company may not refund full price, but they will burden the freight.

After shipping company damage checking processing end, they will refund shipping fee or compensation, and we will send new doll for replacement.

Preventing the TPE DOLL damage

TPE products are very soft and prone to produce ruptures or folds or get broken if used improperly. In using, please don’t touch the TPE doll surface with sharp products.

Once the incision appears on the TPE doll, it will be torn in the incision direction gradually if it is used continuously and be damaged completely.

DIY (do it yourself) repair methods:

Once any rupture appears on the doll’s skin, please stop using it immediately and make repairs. TPE cannot be used together with the common adhesive. For repair, please use the special we provide.

If the damage is small, one can try to repair it by oneself. Firstly, ask for TPE repair adhesive from our customer service.

After receiving TPE repair adhesive, please adjust the doll to the posture in which the crack can fold first, and then cleanse the crack and the stains around it. After it becomes dry, smear the adhesive on the crack. Finally fix the crack and wait for the adhesive to dry and solidify.

If there are holes, by the same token first adjust the doll to the posture like when it came out of the factory and keep the holes in sizes under normal pressure. Then cleanse the stains.

After it becomes dry, use adhesive to stuff the hole and polish it to make it consistent with the surrounding skin.

Finally wait for the adhesive to solidify completely. The special TPE adhesive needs 24 hours for curing and be careful not to move or squeeze it during the period.

Repair video for reference:

repair doll foot joints  change the doll eye  doll eyelash

Back to the factory for overhaul:

If the damage is relatively serious and cannot be repaired by oneself, the doll can be sent back to the factory for repair.

If it is still in 1 year warranty period, we will repair it freely for you, just take the freight. During repair, adhesion scars will be left on it which cannot be avoided.