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sex doll review

Sex Doll Review

SY Sex Doll Reviews From TDF Vendo/Manufacturer, TDF members and etc!

Passiondoll sex doll review of 167 big ass sex doll

Hi all, so we finally got a doll from SY and decided to do a review. For those of you who know us, we always vetted the manufacture’s doll before we decided to sell on our site or not. Anyway, per SY’s request we’ll post the review here:

1)Sex Doll Review PACKAGING: First and foremost, I want to say of all the other doll manufacturer, SY packaging is by far the best. There is nothing come close to the quality of their packing. That means you can be worry-free about getting your doll damage during shipping. What I like best about them is they use two wood board at each end to protect the doll from protruding out of the box if they and shipped upright or upside down vertically. They provide more than enough cushion so that the doll won’t move around or if another box is on top of it when laying down horizontally when shipped.

The only negative thing is their box does not show predominate enough which side should be top/up and that it the box should consider fragile. However, since they pack the box so well, not sure if this extra labeling is required. :wink:

All company should pack their doll like SY! :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:

2)QUALITY: OK, I got to admit, their TPE is softer than most. That’s a big plus for most and probably the softest. I stretch the TPE and it appears to be durable without ripping/tearing apart. That’s a good thing as you know with the ‘other’ brand here on TDF, if you go softer the durability get worst. What interesting was I have to leave the doll flat for at least a week after I received it from shipping, so it have been about 2 weeks flat, but the butt does not appears flat. However, I must admit this is not a big doll, but still given the softness of the TPE, I was expecting some indentation or flatness but didn’t find any.

As of smell, I barely smell anything. So the odor is way way better than the ‘other popular’ band that sell on this forum. However, one other brand I used (not on TDF) appears to even less odor, but comparing to most other brand this doll TPE does a very good job at keeping odor to a minimum.

When I attempt to move the doll I found the skeleton to be EXTREMELY EXTREMELY tight. I’m more than an above average guy in size, and have touches many large big doll (you guys know what kind of doll I sell right :-)) but this one it is so hard to bend the knee and ankle. In fact, one ankle is stuck and I can’t seem to bend it at all. Don’t think it is a defect though, I think they just over tightening it. While large doll should have tight skeleton, I think (maybe should say I know) they over did it with the tightness. I think they need to play around more with the skeleton to know how tight it should be and not over or under doing it.

3)DETAILS: Details are fine, nothing out of ordinary with a few exception. First, the vagina hole was totally obstructed, in fact when I first look there was no hole. I order an inserted vagina so was attempting to get the insert in but didn’t see any hole. At first, wasn’t sure if there is a hole (LOL), until I poke it further and break the TPE. Good thing there is cavity in there, but since I have to break the vag hole, the hole itself looks “ripped”. However, from the outside, it looks fine.

The other thing and I’m sure some people already mention, their standing feet bolt is WAY TOO LONG! They definitively need to shorten it. The bolt stick out too much and it is distracting. Furthermore, because it is too long it make it harder to stand and more likely to tilt when stand. My recommendation is if you are going to buy a SY now, don’t go with the standing feet. I bet you can stand better without the standing feet. Their standing feet bolts in my opinion is worthless. Other way to fix this is if you can find a cap the can cover these bolts.

OVERALL: The doll isn’t perfect (no doll is ever!), and it does have some plus and minus, but overall, the doll quality is good enough for us to decide to sell. There are other minor things I can discuss about but they are nothing serious. So we are selling these dolls and if you order from us, we’ll double check the issues above before it even start shipping so you won’t end up with issue we had. That way your SY doll will be much better quality. SY dolls are good dolls. I’m sure you will be happy with them. As of right now I don’t have many SY doll up yet on Passion Dolls site, but will gradually add them soon, however, if you want one that is not listed let us know.

I hope this review helps.

SY Sex doll review original:

Thanks passiondolls sex doll review, it’s an honest and helpful review, we will improve and change SY doll shortcoming.

Panther68 deep sex doll review of 168 big breast head 100 sex doll

Part 1

Ok, it has been 6 weeks that I have had Anya, my SY 168 doll. Would rather give a review after actually having a significant amount of time with her. Shall we begin.

sex doll unboxing reviewLet’s start with the ordering and shipping. Bonnie at SY was great. She took my order and relayed back my requests to confirm that it was correct. Time from order to my home was 11 days.

sex doll unboxing reviewAs you can see, she must of sneaked out of her box in Honolulu to work on her tan. The customs officers had to go down to Wikiki beach to grab her, put her back in her box and tape her in. DAMN mail order brides…. :haha4:

sex doll unboxing reviewNoted in the second and third photos, I am two for two on receiving a doll shipment with the neck doing damage to the box end. Very common for all dolls. Shipping companies are rough on these packages. My first doll was UPS. My SY doll was shipped by FedEX. Both having damage on the box end. Also, the custom officers just put a couple of stripes of tape across the box and not a complete reseal. So what you see in the photo is how I got her before I actually opened the box. This is the reason that I go to shippers pick up location rather than the box risk further damage being on a delivery truck all day.

sex doll unboxing reviewUpon opening the box, I could see how much more care was taken in securing her in the box compared to my WM doll. Also, it looks as thou the customs officer either did a very good job on placing back the packaging material or did nothing but take a peek inside the box.

sex doll unboxing review

Bubble pack galor…….

sex doll unboxing review

Nice soft white blanket, good solid foam packaging between the doll and the box.

sex doll unboxing review

I think I see boobies :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:

sex doll unboxing reviewThe head well packaged.

sex doll packaging reviewHelpful hint. Tilt the box up on the floor, then remove the doll. Soooo much easier than lifting her out of the box. They did an excellent job on protecting the feet. Lots of foam padding. Don’t mind Anastasia and Little Anna trying to photobomb. They see that there is competition in the house. :plaidskirt:

sex doll packaging reviewThis is the first of three parts.

Part 2. First Impression.

SY sex doll head 100 review#100 head with light Tan. Beautiful face. She does have a bit of a wide bridge on her nose, but that’s fine I like beautiful faces with slight imperfections.

SY sex doll head 100 reviewI did change out her eyes to MannequinFan Easy Move Eyes. Also, I didn’t care much for the lipstick. It was a powdery make up, so I removed it with baby oil and applied CrazyCajun BodyColor Pink on to her lips. After 6 weeks, no signs of wear. The changes are not pictured. Your are seeing the stock head. If you have not seen her main thread, I will provide modified look later on this thread.

SY sex doll vagina reviewNow, to the girly parts. There is a puckering design around her anus, so it is not just a hole. It does have a textured pattern inside. The vagina is really nothing to write home about. It’s fine, but not overly detailed. At first, I thought they made a mistake with the order. I put my finger in her vagina and didn’t feel an empty cavity. After reading other SY reviews, did I realize that they place an insert in her before shipping. The insert is a bit smaller than other brands, but TPE does stretch quite a bit. Since I use my dolls for photography, and I do show my face in photos on this forum and Instagram, I would rather let others describe their experiences with these dolls. I prefer to keep that part of my life to myself.

SY sex doll feet reviewNow on to the feet, seems like many don’t care for their long foot bolts. They are long, but after 6 weeks , her feet are considerably less damaged than my WM 168 doll. Also, I can get her to free stand, which I have never been able to with a WM doll.

SY sex doll feet review

Unfortunately, they are not M6 bolts, so I can not use MannequinFan’s bolt covers, but they are functional.

SY sex doll feet review

I do have a very difficult time to get her standing in high heels due to her bolts, but flats and knee high boots have not been an issue.

SY sex doll ass reviewNow, on to her best asset…..Her ass. She has an incredible small round butt with a nice deep crack.

And with it being tan, so nice….. :plaidskirt:

SY sex doll ass reviewShe looks awesome in bikini’s


SY sex doll ass review

Continuation of Part 2. First Impressions

SY sex doll breast reviewHer breasts have a nice shape. When ordering her, I did forget to request hollow or solid. I got solid. Not a big fan of it. I am still glad that I got solid because I now have a comparison between the two types, since my WM doll has hollow. Highly recommend getting hollow.SY sex doll breast review

The side view of her breast is also quite nice. I ordered her in a light tan, which I am happy with the color. I would be curious how dark are their bronze and tan colors. I am a rather tan white guy and her light tan complexion is about the same as myself.

Panther68 with SY WM sex dollAnya and I showing off our tans after spending all day in the Miata. Anastasia in the background as white as can be. :razz:

Panther68 with SY WM sex doll

Panther68 with SY WM sex dollHands. The good is the hand plate is significantly longer than WM dolls, about an inch longer, so allows for more stress on the plate rather than the wire fingers. The bad is because of said longer hand plate the hands bend a bit further back on the wrist giving it a less than natural look. See photo above.

SY sex doll hand reviewOne of my criticisms, was that the measurements on their website and most of their vendors were wrong. The SY 168 was shown as 89/54/90 at 40 kg, but was actually 89/52/84 at 36 kgs. Quite the difference on the hip and weight. I feel that measurements should be posted accurately as many of us order our dolls based on measurements and weight.

SY sex doll body reviewAfter I informed them of the wrong measurements and weights on their site, they did make some changes, but I still see differing measurements among their vendors. Actually, the difference between 40 kg and 36 kg is huge and could cost them a sale as one would think the doll is too heavy. My WM is 40 kg and my SY doll feels sooo light at 36 kg. This is such an easy fix. Measure and weigh your dolls accurately and post correct numbers on the site.

SY sex doll body reviewMy last criticism, like other reviews here, the mid back hinge is not as tight as the other joints and also her shoulder joints aren’t real tight also.

Overall, I was happy with my initial impressions of Anya, my SY 168 doll. In the next part, I will comment on “After six week observations.”

SY Doll Anya from Panther68Oh yeah, Did I mention that she looks smokin’ hot in a bikini :glou:

Part 3 

observations after six weeks

Just some random thoughts overall with various photos of Anya

The TPE on her is good quality. Just as soft as my WM doll, but better as the leakage is very minimal. The TPE odor was gone after a couple of days. After 6 weeks, I have yet to give her a wash down or oil her, her skin is still smooth with no tackiness.

I do like the light tan color, but it can have a bit of a translucent look with intense background light. It is durable, as she took a fall during her cop photo shoot with only a scrap on her shoulder. Not a pretty sight seeing her eye flying out of her socket. 8O

I highly recommend getting skin colors darker than white. It helps hide the dirt and lint that can get on the doll, especially for owners like myself that take these beautiful dolls outdoors a lot.

Posing, The good is here side to side back movement, unfortunately too good and wrist rotation. Her hip bend and back arch seems to be a bit less than my WM doll. The above photo in her pink bikini is the most bend in her leg, arching back and hip twist, so you can get an idea of the skeleton limits.

But as you can see in these photos, she is more than capable of posing in different positions. When she first arrived most of her limbs were very tight, but have loosened up over time. They are still tight but manageable.

Her side to side back movement is still looser then I would like it to be, but has not got any worse, nor has it inhibit her from standing well. Her shoulder joints on both arms have gotten loose to the point that does not take much resistaince to have her arms drop. I have been able to work around it in my photography, but I would say this is my biggest criticism after 6 weeks. SY, lets get these joints tighten, especially the mid back joint, which seems to come up in all the reviews of SY dolls. All the other joints are tight, so getting these other joints tighten up should not be an issue.

After 6 weeks, still can’t get her standing in high heels, so I have her only in knee high boots, sandals, and athletic shoes. That’s fine with me, since Anya is too skinny to fill out the formal wear I have access to. She is my beach blonde girl.

Overall, I am still very happy with my purchase of Anya and she complements my other doll, Anastasia very well. Hope you all enjoyed the review and photos.

Original review link:

Bego sex doll review of 158 big breast head 111&120 sex doll

Part 1 Sex doll unboxing

Hi folks. Begog here. I’m here to review my new SY Doll. They reached out to me, and made me an offer I was unable to refuse, if I was willing to review the doll. I warned them I was brutally honest and had some pretty sweet dolls to compare, but they were confident in their product. So, I reviewed the dolls on their website. and decided to take them up on their offer, even though I already got too many dolls as it is. So here we are. SY doesn’t mess around. After I made up my mind, 2 weeks later, the doll is in my house! Fastest doll company I’ve seen yet.

As we all know, FedEx can ruin a wet dream. I always opt for “pickup at nearest location” instead of delivery. This way, I can avoid any awkward deliveries, and deny the shipper one last chance to damage my doll. They obviously already had plenty of chances. Somehow, the local Walgreens is now my pickup location.

SY sex doll unboxing from Begog

Looks like the forklift fork went through my doll box. When I pointed that out, the Walgreens lady offered to let me open it in front of them so they could witness the damage. 8O Uh… Yeah not going to happen. Imagine breaking out a headless naked sex doll in the middle of Walgreens to inspect. :lol: So I took her home, bummed about what I might find.

SY sex doll unboxing from Begog

Upon opening the box, I was relieved to see the contents largely unscathed. They were very well packed, and despite the beating FedEx gave her, she didn’t move much. She almost came out unscathed. No thanks to FedEx, who managed to penetrate the box in several locations. What were they doing? Having target practice? :snipersmile:

SY sex doll unboxing from Begog

One thing that protected the doll was this big soft body bag she was in. Nothing penetrated it, and it kept the doll clean. A great idea.

SY sex doll unboxing from Begog

So, I inspected the body and two heads. Immediately I noticed a big dent in her left breast, not far from where the hole in the box is. It was a lot more noticeable yesterday than it is today. I am hoping it will go away completely. Obviously, it had to have just recently occurred in order to be “healing” like that. That is the only damage she has, and it may go away on its own. Her butt is kind of flat – hopefully she didn’t get too hot in the box. Time will tell.

These heads are gorgeous. I went with the #111 and #120. Good doll pics coming soon I promise. These are just some preliminary photos. I’m still trying on wigs, trying to determine what their “look” is going to be, and their names.

SY 158 big breast head 111 sex doll from Begog

This is the #111 head.

SY 158 big breast head 111 sex doll from Begog

She’s a sweet little angel.

SY 158 big breast head 111 sex doll from Begog

But it’s the #120 head that intrigues me.

SY 158 big breast head 120 sex doll from Begog

She exudes sex, and has a boner-inducing aura about her.

SY 158 big breast head 120 sex doll from Begog

With those dark eyebrows and piercing green eyes, she can rock any wig.

SY 158 big breast head 120 sex doll from Begog

She has the face of a sex machine. I am very pleased with her appearance, and I haven’t even painted her teeth or customized her yet. She is going to rock.

SY 158 big breast head 120 sex doll from Begog

Another great thing about these heads, is that they are compatible with all my other TPE dolls. The M16 connector allows for easy big doll kit bashing, and as you know I will. More coming soon.

Part 2. Sex Doll TPE Material


So, what kind of TPE are we dealing with here? Well, I know good TPE when I see and feel it, and THIS IS DAMN GOOD TPE. Am I a TPE expert? Hell no. Have I handled and examined a shitload of TPE dolls? Hell yeah. Here’s what I like: It is VERY soft, and feels VERY good. Very nice jiggle. Very nice color, one an actual human could have. As for the test of time? You’ll have to get back with me later on that one. So, my preliminary finding is that this is some of the best TPE I’ve encountered.
I only have one doll softer than this, my supersoft Jellynew, Jotti, who happens to be my favorite TPE doll, because she feels so wonderful, and is a groper’s paradise. So is this doll. It’s a big deal. Very little TPE smell, either. This doll stood in my room the very first night and didn’t bother me, while I slept. By contrast, both my YL’s stank up the whole house for a year. I could barely sleep in the same HOUSE with them, let alone the same room.
My main concern about the TPE is durability. The softer the doll, the less durable they tend to be (same with silicone), and this doll is extremely soft. Had I known she was going to be THIS soft, I would have opted for loose joints/non-standing, and made a “fucker” out of her, because she feels wonderful, and loose joints rock in the sack. I believe that is where she will really shine, but we shall see.
As for the tits, well they are quite good. I like them. They are big, with the right amount of sag to them a big tit should have. Big round areolas and nice nipples. Between the soft, jiggly tits, totally squeezable ass, and soft thighs to die for, this doll is a boner machine. If you start touching her, your dick will soon get hard. If it doesn’t, then either you’re a girl, gay, or your dick don’t work.

SY 158 big breast head 111 sex doll from Begog

SY 158 big breast head 111 sex doll from Begog

Oh yeah. That’ll work. 8)

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