SY 140cm head 97 tpe doll

sy 140cm TPE doll review

SY 140cm TPE doll review

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Presentación de Nabiki

Unboxing de mi SY Doll 140cm – Head #97 (Nabiki)

Test de elasticidad de SY Doll 140cm


Short simple review as below:

  • Packaging: 7.5
  • Skeleton range: 8
  • TPE material: 8
  • Make up: 8
  • Body Design: 6.5
  • Head design: 9.5
  • Finger details: 7
  • Vagina details: 8
  • Standing: 9
  • Weight control: 7.5
  • Smell: 7.5


  • Customer (SY Doll):
    10/10.  Excellent atention. Always they answered my emails with kindness,well as send photos directly from the factory. Nabiki actually isresult of an agreement with SY Doll, so I can only speak highlyof your attention and generosity.
  • Safety packaging doll (Doll SY):
    7’5 / 10.  Packaging correct, the first impression was excellent protection, but finally had the fingers of a somewhat twisted foot. With excellent packaging this should not have happened. But it’s hard to avoid, being so heavy objects traveling so far and this is likely to occur.
  • Quality shipping (FedEx):
    9/10.  Shipping was fast, correct,would expect from a trip from China to Europe. For customs had to send by email a document informing me did get the package contents. This procedure was solved in 2 days.
  • Quality wrist:
    7’5 / 10.  I begina review in depth, explaining the good and bad of this doll Doll SY. But generally it definesas a good wrist remarkable, but should improve some things to reach excellence. In future posts Idetail.
SY 140 head 97 photo

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