sy 165cm TPE doll review

sy 165cm TPE doll review


SY 165cm TPE doll review

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Short simple review as below:

packaging 1-10 points  10
Skeleton range 1-10 points 8
Evenness of joint tightness 7 (there needs to be a better balance between arm joint tightness and left-right mid back hinge tightness, which is almost too loose)
TPE Material 1-10 points 8 (but cannot tell without trying her in bed, and am concerned about reports about splitting after putting in a bent posed position for some time)
Make up 1-10 points 4 (the makeup is not subtle. The lips are too strong a colour red, and some blushing of the cheeks would be good)
Breast softness 1-10 points 5 (but cannot tell without taking her to bed. They would be improved by introducing hollow breasts)
Body design 1-10 points 10
Head design 1-10 points 9 (ears are slightly large and get in the way of a wig)
Finger details 1-10 points 3 (no moulding of lines for knuckles etc. Finger nails look plastic rather than real.)
Vagina details 1-10 points (8 – good sculpture but not in right place)
Standing support 1-10 points 10 (although for a doll of this height feet need to be 1cm or 2cm longer, with stiffer ankles giving better control over centre of gravity)
Weight control 1-10 points (what do you mean by “control” ?) Weight for height 9
Recommend index: 1-5 stars Depends on price bracket. If head to head competing with Jinsan, then I’d recommend Jinsan. If at lower price then recommend say 4.5 stars
SY 165 head 110 photo by Haremlover

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