tallest sex doll review

tallest sex doll review

Tallest sex doll review

176cm Sex Doll With Huge Breasts

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This is the 176cm Supermodel doll, from sydolls.com. She’s the world’s tallest production sex doll. She’s over 5’ 9” tall. That’s 176 centimeters. She’s hot and has HUGE boobs and a big booty! The body is VERY realistic feeling.

We got this tall doll from sydolls.com so if you wanna see more, check them out. Hit them up and search for the 176cm Supermodel doll or check out the link in the description below. If you wanna see more funny sex doll reviews AND more crazy and offensive humor, check out and subscribe to our channel and if you’re still with us here, hit that like button.

This is the head and face we picked out but you can choose from a bunch of different ones. There are lots of other options too.

Just kidding shes actually 176 cm or 5’9” which may not seem very tall but that means she like real life model height and taller than a lot of guys.

Keep in mind that these sex dolls are light enough to be able to actually move on your own but still heavy enough for it to be a bit tough to maneuver very quickly. But compared to a less expensive smaller doll like this one. The tall one provides a bit more of a realistic human size and height.

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world tallest 176cm sex doll funny review by jokestrap

SY Tallest 176 cm sex doll check here: 176cm doll

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