tpe material test report

tpe material test report

TPE material test report

Original test report from TDF

About the TPE blend SEBS-PP:

Group: TPE-S / TPE with styrene block-copolymers
Type: SEBS / Styrene-Ethylene-Butadiene-Styrene

Let’s have a look to the TPE structure.
This scetch shows the structure extremly enlarged.

Black dots:
These are the hard block-copolymers and they are working as “anchor points” for the “network” inside the structure.
The hard block-copolymers are responsible for shape holding, stiffness and tear strenght.

That is the “network” of the soft block-copolymers.
This network is responsible for softness, flexability and stretchability.

The used TPE granule (reflects the final amount of hard and soft block-copolymers) is the starting point for making a blend.
The amount of used mineral oil is responsible for the whole softness and stretchability.

A SEBS blend with a lot of hard block-copolymers (as you can see it in the picture) is a very firm TPE with high tear strenght.
A SEBS blend with a lot of soft block-copolymeres is a very soft TPE with high stretchability but with low tear strenght and low chemical resistance.

With “modifiers” you are able to do additional “adjustments”.
Polypropylene (PP) as modifier component has the effect that the amount of hard block-copolymers can be reduced to have a SEBS-PP TPE blend balanced with
– high softness
– high stretchability
– high tear strength
– encreased chemical resistance

The PP modification must be in an exact amount, too much modification results in the opposite.

What I have seen and experienced from my analysis and testings, the SY Doll TPE blend is a perfect balanced TPE blend.

That is the reason why I’m very interested in the SY Doll 176, the biggest TPE doll currently.
In combination with the review made from Haremlover and my TPE analysis and tests, this lady would be my dream.

The SEBS-PP version is meanwhile used from all TPE doll manufacturers, but the mixture itself is different from manufacturer to manufacturer (which is the secret of each manufacturer).
6Ye, JY Doll and Climax Doll do have firmer blends, DH168 EVO, Doll4ever/Piper Doll and SY Doll have the softer blends.

Jinsan ?

Well, what shall I say about TPE blends that are changing every half year ?
The best example for a wrong amount of PP modification is the Jinsan version Super Soft (my analysis showed me about 40% modification 8O )
Insiders know why there is no consistent standard in the production at Jinsan.

Please do not get me wrong, I’m not talking bad about Jinsan.
See it from the point as developer and manufacturer.
At the moment I’m developing “cold-welding TPE diffusion adhesives”, and Jinsan drives me crazy with the different blends they are producing.
That is not given by the other TPE doll manufacturers.
That is the reason why my work and focus is currently with SY Doll and all other manufacturers mentioned above in my article.

To Bob from SY Doll:

Thank you very much for the sent TPE material.
Absolutely perfect, and as I said, your TPE blend is very good balanced.


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