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“Thanks for this. I wish more sellers would provide a video of their dolls like this.
Spending over 2k on something, you want to see it from all angles. very reassuring.” one TDF member said.

SY doll is only one TPE sex doll manufacturer in China who can provide various kind sex doll videos.

From good-looking photos, you’ll never know doll real status.

We want to let you know about your doll everything via photo and video before you pay!

We hope that our little efforts will bring a little change to the whole sex doll industry, less cheating, more sincerity.

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167 huge breast sex doll body

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SY 163 2nd biggest ass sex doll

SY 157 3rd biggest ass doll

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SY Doll booth Canton Sexual Culture&Adult Health Supplies Expo 2017

SY Sex Doll Skeleton Movement Range

New material TPE doll, no powdering!

SY Doll Solid Breast

SY Doll Hollow breast