Buy sy sex doll

Why buy SY sex doll

Why buy SY sex doll

1.Most real customers review

As a consumer, when we want to buy something, especially high price goods, sex doll is not cheap goods,

it will cost you $1,000 at least. Most of us want to know real review, this is why Amazon is the most popular factor in all shopping website.

Consumers can read real full details review for SY doll, those reviews were the most helpful reference.

SY dolls provide real continual latest reviews from biggest sex doll forum (TDF)

All SY dolls’ pro and cons you can know and ask your questions!

6 reasons buy SY sex doll

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176 funny review from Jokestrap youtube

2.Most abundant videos help you know doll real status

If Amazon is your favorite shopping website, you will find some products have videos demo, not only photo and text. SY doll provides you Amazon best shopping experience,

SY doll has abundant videos, those videos can help you know SY doll everything, something you can’t get from photos and text only!

Why buy sy sex doll

Solid Breast

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176 tallest doll close-up

163 biggest ass close-up

3.Most free giveaways activities doll manufacturer

Everybody loves free giveaways, as doll manufacturer, we would love to let more consumer know SY doll.

We have started below activities.

  1. 2018 world cup champion guess
  2. 163 biggest doll limited 1,000 dolls and free giveaways
  3. Voting your Favorite SY Doll and get free heads
  4. 163 free giveaways trail

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4.Safest packaging carton

Packaging! Packaging! Packaging!

Doll’s carton weight from 20kg to 90kg, if there is no safety protection in the carton, from China to North America, EU, you may receive a broken carton, broken doll, that’s UNACCEPTABLE!

broken carton

You spent $1,000-$2,000 in a sex doll and waited for half of a month, you can’t wait to open it. WTF, it’s a broken doll!!!

SY doll designed most safety protect in the carton, you can get the best doll as it’s in factory status.

Some packaging review from the real review

Shipping and Packaging: The doll was sent from Shenzhen, China on August 10, and arrives in Oregon USA on August 15, which was really fast.

The protective packaging was also great, and there was no damage. Link

Upon opening the box, I was relieved to see the contents largely unscathed. They were very well packed, and despite the beating FedEx gave her, she didn’t move much. She almost came out unscathed. No thanks to FedEx, who managed to penetrate the box in several locations. What were they doing? Having target practice? :snipersmile:

One thing that protected the doll was this big soft body bag she was in. Nothing penetrated it, and it kept the doll clean. A great idea. Link

Upon opening the box, I could see how much more care was taken in securing her in the box compared to my WM doll. Also, it looks as thou the customs officer either did a very good job on placing back the packaging material or did nothing but take a peek inside the box. Link

PACKAGING: First and foremost, I want to say of all the other doll manufacture, SY packaging is by far the best. There is nothing come close to the quality of their packing. That means you can be worry-free about getting your doll damage during shipping. What I like best about them is they use two wood board at each end to protect the doll from protruding out of the box if they and shipped upright or upside down vertically. They provide more than enough cushion so that the doll won’t move around or if another box is on top of it when laying down horizontally when shipped. Link

SY sex doll’s carton violent drop test

5.Lowest cost to test sex doll

As I mentioned above, sex doll is not cheap goods, how to fell and touch sex doll in lowest cost? I got inspiration from RLSD

At Real Love Sex Dolls, we are always thinking of our customers needs! So how about no more having to test on the skin of your dolls feet or scalp? Yep, we’ve got you covered!

This is a test piece of the same Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) we use when creating our love dolls. This is a fantastic and inexpensive way to test and practice gluing repairs, make-up, fabric bleed, etc.

Get one, or get a bunch— a piece like this comes in very handy so you never have to test on your actual doll.

In addition, If you’ve never owned a love doll before, this is a great way to be able to feel what TPE feels like and see the Real Love Sex Dolls skin colors in person, before you purchase.

You’re welcome! =D

Piece sizes average 2 x 4 and each one varies slightly. No two are identical.

In SY, you could get a free TPE, you just need to pay the freight!

tpe material test report

6.Best price and customer service support

Buying sex doll from SY sex doll, you will get factory best price, best customer service.

You could contact or our online service team.


Let’s start with the ordering and shipping. Bonnie at SY was great. She took my order and relayed back my requests to confirm that it was correct. Time from order to my home was 11 days. Link

Lovely Bonnie at SY went to some extra effort and sent me these breast equator measurements. Link

Customer Service=10/10 Even though the head was messed up, Bonnie from SY was able to express ship me the new head quickly and in excellent packaging. Link

The order was done through Bonnie at SY who was prompt courteous and helpful. From purchase to arrival was probably 10 days. Link

7.No powdering sex doll!

SY has tried a new material when you wash your love doll and make doll body dry, you don’t need to powder again :mrgreen: Doll skin is slippy, no sticky :D
Watching common doll vs new material doll comparison video in attach.

SY new material TPE sex doll, no powdering(password 512142)

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